Sustainable Seafood

Surfin’ Seafood was founded by two Seattle-area moms in 2004 who wanted the best sustainable seafood for their families.  Wanting to make the best available to everyone else as well, Surfin’ Seafood was born.  After several successful years, the moms sold the business in 2013 to long-time Puget Sound residents Jack and Randi Morgan, who were immediately attracted to the quality and the sustainability of the Products. The Morgans continue to provide the best in healthy, sustainable seafood to customers today.

A Mission of Sustainable Seafood

Fish sustainability has become an increasingly important goal. According to the nonprofit Save Our Seas, overfishing of certain species has led to an 80 percent reduction in their stocks. Because Surfin’ Seafood is committed to conservation, we offer only those species which are harvested in responsible ways. In this way, we preserve the health of the species and of the marine environment in which they live.
You can find more information on sustainable fishing practices from the following resources:



A Resource for a Healthy Diet

At Surfin’ Seafood, we are passionate about healthy food. In this modern age of processed foods that lack true nutrition, fresh seafood is a literal lifesaver.  Many of us have inadvertently harmed our bodies, our brains, and our overall well-being with the food we eat. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest lifestyle we love offers a solution—colorful, organic vegetables and nutrient-rich, sustainable seafood.
While we take care of the main course, we can refer you to local food sources for your fresh veggies.

Flash Frozen Fish

To ensure freshness, we use a process that combines flash-freezing with vacuum packing. First, we flash-freeze our seafood immediately after it is caught at super subzero temperatures, preserving the integrity of the flesh. Then we package it using vacuum seals, halting the seafood’s exposure to oxygen. Flash frozen fish retains nutrition and flavor until you are ready to prepare it for your family.



A Note from Owners Jack and Randi Morgan

As long-time Puget Sound residents with roots in the beef and pork belt of central Iowa, we confess that we still enjoy a good steak or pulled pork sandwich from time to time. However, we also know a diet that includes great seafood should be a part of our lives … and it can be really delicious, too! At first, seafood can be a bit intimidating, but we found that it is easy to prepare fresh seafood meals like seafood salad, crab legs, and seafood chowder. If you are making that transition to a diet with a healthy seafood option, be sure to check out some great seafood recipes included in our newsletter and on our What’s new page. For our mail order customers, we also include a recipe with each order just in case you need a quick idea for dinner. We view our sustainable seafood as a gift to both our children and all children for healthy and happy lives for years to come. So, we guarantee that you will receive only the best in Northwest seafood. And because we know how busy life can be, we make sure that ordering is convenient. We pass our fresh, frozen fish directly from the source to you … or as we say, From the Sea to your Door! Enjoy!

Jack & Randi