Food Delivery 

Get Healthy Meals Fast

Surfin’ Seafood saves you time and takes the guesswork out of shopping for your meals. Our easy food delivery means you spend less time and aggravation traveling to your local seafood market and searching for the best products, so you have more time to spend with family and at other activities.  Whether you live here in the Puget Sound or elsewhere, we guarantee fast and convenient delivery of the freshest seafood from the ocean to your door.


Is There Food Delivery Near Me?

Yes! Our two methods of food delivery ensure that you can get the best frozen fish quickly no matter where you live, so fresh seafood will always seem like a local delivery:

Meal delivery Seattle

Our van delivers fresh fish to your home or business in our reusable coolers.  When you have emptied your cooler and are ready to reorder, we simply exchange your empty cooler with one that is freshly-stocked with your selections. Please note: there is a refundable cooler deposit of $20 once you begin deliveries.


Ordering and Delivery Schedule:

Our deliveries take place during the 2nd week of the month.  The order cutoff is 8 business days earlier.  See our Oneline Shop page for future delivery days and order cutoffs.

If you live outside of the Puget Sound, you should place your order by Tuesday if you want your fresh fish delivered within the same week. Orders received after Tuesday will be shipped Monday through Wednesday of  the following week.


To confirm the availability of van delivery, locate your neighborhood by Zip Codes.   Click Here



We ship your order of flash frozen fish in an insulated shipping container with either dry ice or freeze packs.  This ensures that your food delivery stays frozen during transit and is ready to place in your freezer upon arrival.

If you are beyond our delivery area, please Contact Us